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I have a blog spot already called John Power Sculpture which I used in the past as an archive and platform for my art work. It is now intergrated in this blog, to see it just click on John Power Art. There you can see some of my art work - exhibitions - and statements about my work, from 1993 up to our opening exhibition in the G11 Gallery at Landsberger Allee 54 Berlin Friedrichshain in 2011. From early 2012 till September 2012 I ran the G11 Galerie in what was the former DDR Funkhaus building, located in Treptow Köpenick south east Berlin. In July 2013 I organised the main group exhibition for the Spreeknie Art Festival in Berlin Schöneweide, which was held at the former Umspannwerk or transformer substation building there. All three buildings (1) The Brewery at Landsberger Allee (2) Funkhaus (3) Umspannwerk Schöneweide are protected monuments and are important landmarks in Berlins long and turbulent history. It was a privilege for me to have worked in these amazing locations and I have great memories of all the events and exhibitions that were held there. The Brewery being particularly interesting as well as difficult and challenging! I will dedicate seperate and detailed blogs in the future to all three locations, when I get time. Photos and details of these exhibitions can be seen on Facebook: G11 Galerie Berlin also on the website:

I will continue to use this new blog John Power Art - Life as a platform for art and exhibitions as before, but I will also use it to cover a broad spectrum of topics. Express opinions - ideas - criticisms on various subjects. I will also write posts about my life and experiences. The blogs may be very open honest critical and direct at times, but it is not my intention at any time to insult or mention anyone by name. I just wish to tell things as I see them, or at least as I perceived them to be. 

G11 Galerie in Berlin.
 I have been invited to have an exhibition in July in Berlin Schöneweide, for the Spreeknie Art Festival, which runs from thursday the 10th to sunday the 13th. It is my intention not only to exhibit work but also to perform. I will give more details about the exhibition in the next few weeks. As I am occupied full time with this project, I have decided to put G11 on hold here in Berlin for the time being. Lexander Prokogh who runs his own independent G11project in the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig Germany will be posting his events on G11 Leipzig facebook as well as (perhaps) on


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